You’re looking for a classic video game concept.

Grab both items in the pic. How can you combine them? Remember how to use the ‘aperture decryption key’?

To use the key and find a hidden message, you need to align it to a matching jagged line.


For example: this was where to use it in The Vandermist Dossier. Can you find a similar line in The Medusa Report?

It’s faint, but there’s a line on Carolien Bie’s letter.


For the code of the key, count the number of pink dots on the floppy sticker. The dots are on three lines: 12, 11, 6 from top to bottom.

With this code, place the key in the right position to find a question.


“What is the icon on Joshua called?”


The icon Abby drew on the photograph of Joshua McLoughlin is a famous icon from the Legend of Zelda video game series. It’s called the Triforce.




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