Dig a little deeper


(Apologies! There is a mistake in the 3rd letter of this puzzle! Of course, we’ll fix this before launch.)

Looking at the picture above (and the caption ‘dig a little deeper’), are you sure the padded envelope holds no more secrets for you?

Printed on the inside of the envelope, hidden deep behind the bubble wrap padding, are strange symbols. They are pretty hard to reach (or photograph) without tearing open the envelope. So, here’s the image.


The above clue “◇F6.E5.E8.F9” has a familiar layout. You’ve translated a code like this before.

“◇F6.E5.E8.F9” is just like the bunker names on the map from The Medusa Report. Using the table on the back of the C.I.A.-letter, this on translates to “GAME ONE BOX LABEL”.


Game one, that’s The Vandermist Dossier. Remove the little label on the front of the Vandermist box.

The little label is an example of how to translate the symbols into letters. This particular symbol can be reoriented to be an ‘E’.



There are 9 symbols hidden in the envelope. To help differentiate them, the little colored circles and lines on the symbols alternate between red and green.

Each symbol is a chunky letter, cut into pieces and folded in on itself. The pieces are connected only through hinges (the small red and green circles). 

Try to recreate the letters by rotating the pieces along their hinges. Pieces can’t move through each other.

As you can see in the ‘E’ example, once the letter is complete, the colored line is the bottom of the letter.



As mentioned, there is a mistake in the third letter. Apologies, we’ll fix it before launch.


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