Spectacular! Thank you for participating in these extra difficult puzzles, they’re not for everyone.


The hidden puzzle track ends here, for now. There is much more to discover.


After the third and final chapter comes out, you will find a new clue here. Maybe you already spotted some things – keep those in mind, you’ll need them later!

Have you found the right night club yet? And Q. Schwarzkopf? Both can be found among the items in The Vandermist Dossier.

They can be found in The Yellow Pages and the newspaper, respectively. Now, what’s this about ‘exchanging letters’?

There is something special about the article header “Glum Q Schwarzkopf jinxed by T.V.!”

Can you see what it is?

It’s a sentence consisting of exactly 26 different letters:


The article title functions as a substitution cipher:


With that in mind, what does “Let it go 4 neon” translate to?

‘Let it go 4 neon’ = ‘Buy Ryan 4 suns’.

Who is Ryan? And why would he need four suns? Maybe you should have another look around in the box.

Ryan is opening a new tanning salon! He’s willing to pay f360,- for 4 suns.

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